How to easily find where the collection of perfume glass bottles


If you have considered starting your own collection of perfume bottles you may have found that this is easier to say than it is to do. It’s not as easy as surfing the internet and finding a dealer that has a bulk of unique bottles for you to purchase. If this is something that you truly feel passionate about, then taking the time-honored route is the best way to go. You can make an adventure out of hunting down individual bottles, from local garage sales to antique shops you may come upon during your travels.

You may have already discovered that cleaning glass perfume bottles can be quite challenging. Numerous bottles possess unique curves and contours which can present you with a level of difficulty.

empty glass perfume bottles is probably one you can collect,
here many different kinds of glass perfume bottles

Perfume bottles play a key role in boosting perfume sales. We are a leading glass perfume bottle manufacturer in china, supplying high quality empty glass perfume bottles in a variety of designs.

Perfume bottles can be designed with a customized logo. Each bottle has a unique shape. The size of the bottle can be customized as well. We also supply perfume bottles with atomizer.

According to the statistics from our factory, some colors of perfume bottles are more popular than others, such as pink, gold, silver, blue, and yellow. And the usually needed bottle capacity ranges from 3ml, 7ml,7.5ml, 8ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 22ml, 30ml, 50ml to80ml 90ml, 100ml,500ml.

We have been specialized in perfume bottle manufacture over 10 years. Our bottles are mainly exported to Dubai, UK, Turkey, United States ,Philippines, India, etc. With our experienced professionals in this field, we believe we can lower your cost, but still provide better service.

Our bottles are highly break-resistant, and the sprayer always dispenses the right amount of perfume. Our surface processes include silk screen printing, painting, UV coating, UV engraving and frosting.